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By accessing this Website, you agree to hold the Company and its affiliates harmless against any claims for damages arising from any decisions that you make based on such information (see Disclaimer). The following terms apply if applicable to the transaction, if any, that you enter into with the Company.

All Users

Privacy Policy. Your use of the Website is subject to our Privacy Policy. That policy explains how The Company treats your personal information and protects your privacy when you access the Website and use the Service. Your acceptance of these Terms of Use is also your consent to the information practices in our Privacy Policy. By using the Website—submitting your phone number to us or calling us—you consent and agree to have all calls between you and the Company, whether incoming or outgoing, recorded.

Provider. The Company provides an online service to you and other Users and is not responsible for the content that any of the Users provide. You are responsible for the information that you provide through the Website, and by posting information on the Website, you are representing it to be true. Terms. You agree that the term Buyer applies to you if you use the Website to inquire about buying a timeshare including the right to use such timeshare on a permanent basis OR are inquiring about renting a timeshare or making use of a timeshare for a particular stay.

You agree that the term Seller applies to you if you use the Website to offer a timeshare for sale OR for rent including leasing your right to use the timeshare. You agree that the Company is an “Information Content Provider” under 47 U.S. Code § 230.

“Timeshare” or “timeshare” means the right to stay or use a real property that would be commonly called a hotel or condominium on a periodic basis, whether that right is through a deed, a membership agreement, a lease, or other contractual agreement providing you that right.

No Cooling off period. You understand and acknowledge that the “Federal Trade Commission’s 3-day “Cooling-Off Rule” regarding cancellations of sales made at homes or at certain other locations does not apply to the transactions conducted through this Website.


Searchable Marketplace. The Company provides a searchable marketplace where you can research and identify timeshares that Sellers have offered. You agree not to take any action towards your travel plans until you have received confirmation that you are the owner, or have a confirmed right to use the timeshare; however, in any case you agree that the Seller is responsible for such confirmation and you will hold the Company harmless for any loss, you may suffer as a result of your inability to use a timeshare advertised by a Seller on the Website.

Disclaimers. We do not recommend, endorse or guarantee any timeshare presented on the Website. We assume no responsibility, and are not liable, for the condition of any timeshare presented on the Website.

Timeshare Description. We do not verify or investigate any timeshare, and we make no guarantee, explicit or implied, as to whether the description of a timeshare presented is correct and accurate. The descriptions and text presented on the Website regarding any property is presented “as is,” as an advertisement submitted to us by the Seller. You agree that the Sellers are solely responsible for the accuracy of the description of their timeshare.

Safety. We do not guarantee the safety or security of any timeshare location. We recommend that before purchasing, renting, or traveling to any vacation destination, that Buyers verify the level of risk by consulting newspapers, online sources, and travel and safety advisories issued by the U.S. Government and published at www.state.gov, www.cdc.gov, and other government resources.

Contact Information. You agree that we may provide the Seller and/or their assigns/agents if a FSBO Seller and/or Timeshare Broker Services and/or their agents if a Represented Seller with the contact information that you provide to us in order for them to contact you and discuss the proposed transaction, negotiate terms, enter into a contract, etc. You are providing your contact information with the express permission and intent that we share that information with the Seller and/or Timeshare Broker Services applicable to the timeshares in which you inquire or express interest.

All Sellers – General Terms

No Specific Buyer Identified. Although your timeshare(s) will be exposed to potential buyers as a result of using our Website, The Company has not identified a specific buyer at the present time.


Florida: If you or your timeshare are subject to Florida Law, we provide the following disclosures pursuant to Florida Statute §721.205, THEREFORE you, The User, agree and understand that:

(i) Upon the sale of a timeshare, additional cost to third parties over which we have no control may be due including resort transfer fees, title fees and costs, government recording fees and taxes. §721.205 (1)(a)1 and 2, F.S.

(ii) We recommend Users utilize a licensed title agency to administer the closing of a timeshare to avoid falling victim to fraud or excessive demands by a third party.

(iii) The owner of the timeshare remains obligated for all fees and costs associated with the timeshare payable to any owner association, finance company or other provider with whom the owner has contracted. §721.205(1)(a)1 and 2, F.S.

(iv) Neither we, the Website, nor our agents have stated or implied that we will provide direct sales or resale brokerage services other than the advertising of the Timeshare Ownership(s) for sale or rent by User. §721.205(2)(a), F.S. (except as identified below if you select Assisted Listing services)

(v) Neither we, the Website, nor our agents have stated or implied, directly or indirectly, that we have already identified a person interested in buying or renting the timeshare resale interest. §721.205(2)(b), F.S.

(vi) All information regarding results from using our services are documented on the Website; therefore, neither we, the Webs Site, nor our agents have stated or implied, directly or indirectly, that sales or rentals have been achieved or generated as a result of its advertising services without providing documentation substantiating the statement. §721.205(2)(c), F.S.

(vii) Neither we, the Website, nor our agents have stated or implied that the timeshare has a specific resale value. §721.205(2)(d), F.S.

(viii) We have not charged your credit card or received any compensation for resale advertising services prior to your agreeing to a written Agreement, which can be signified with an electronic signature including the digital recording of your verbal approval. §721.205(2)(e) and (f), F.S.

All States: If you are subject to the law of another jurisdiction, we make the following disclosures. THEREFORE you, the User, agree and understand that:

(i) Your resort, and in some cases governmental agencies, will charge fees in order to document the sale of your timeshare, we have no control over these fees.

(ii) You should utilize a licensed title agency to administer the closing of a timeshare to avoid falling victim to fraud or excessive demands by a third party.

(iii) You need to keep paying maintenance fees, mortgages, and other obligations related to your timeshare.

(v) We do not have a current buyer and have not identified a person interested in buying or renting your timeshare.

(vi) All information regarding results from using our services are documented on the Website.

(vii) We do not provide appraisals or otherwise specify that your timeshare has a specific resale value.

(viii) We will only charge your credit card after you have approved us to do so in writing, including the digital recording of your verbal approval using an electronic signature on the Website.

You understand that the term “written Agreement” includes electronic signature and recorded verbal agreements in Florida, other states, and Federal Law.

You understand that the period to sell your timeshare and the sales price is determined by market conditions, and the size, location, resort, amenities, and week that you desire to sell. The Company does not go to your resort to show your property. All our services are provided online. We have not promised you, the Seller, that your timeshare will sell within any specific period of time. In the event you enter into an agreement with the Company or its affiliates, the terms of that agreement will supersede the Terms of Use.

The Company utilizes various advertising techniques, media and internet optimizations to attract buyers/renters to the Website or invite them to contact us directly for information. We do not specifically advertise your Timeshare at any timeshare resort or make visits to any timeshare resort as part of our services. Your Timeshare is presented through the Website only.

You grant to us a license to use all information and descriptions submitted by you regarding your timeshare, and give us ownership to all such information and copyrightable works in order to enforce the Rights and Licenses in the Website. You grant us the right to update, correct and/or modify outdated or discovered misinformation.