Thank You for Your Submission

Your ownership information has been received and is currently being reviewed by one of our timeshare resale specialists.

What Happens Now?

We are reviewing industry data (including current market values) related to your ownership. One of our specialists will contact you shortly with your personal timeshare offer. We offer a variety of services for all situations and ownerships, so please rest assured that we have a solution for you. For immediate service, please call directly at 855-609-4438.

How Do We Calculate Your Offer?

To determine the offer for your unique ownership and situation, we will review current market prices and sales offers through and our partner websites. In addition, we review your situation (whether or not you still have a mortgage, as well as other factors) to provide you with a fair offer.

We will also consider the following ownership details:

  • Home Resort & Location (if applicable)

  • Ownership Type (deeded or right-to-use)

  • Usage (annual, biennial, triennial, etc.)

  • Week/Season (is the week in demand)

  • Unit Type & Size

  • Vacation Ownership Brand (if applicable)