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The truth is in our name. At, we really do buy and sell timeshares.

Our timeshare resale success is important to you if you own a timeshare unit or timeshare points you would like to get out of. We can help you sell your timeshare, and in many cases, we offer other types of timeshare exit solutions, as well. For certain ownership types we may even make an offer to buy your timeshare on the spot.

The bottom line is simple: is your best choice for getting out of a timeshare you aren’t using, can’t afford, or perhaps never wanted in the first place.

Your timeshare exit solution exists—we have it! Have you tried to resell your timeshare in the past? Were you told there was no way to get out of your
ownership? We have ways to help you get out of your vacation ownership. No more feeling like you’re chasing your tail. No false promises or dog and pony shows from companies who don’t have what it takes to get you out of your timeshare. is a company you can trust. We get the job done… you could even say, we’re a timeshare owner’s best friend.

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Making payments on a timeshare we weren’t using was a huge source of anxiety and after I had to stop working, our finances changed. Last year we had to pay our annual timeshare fees with a credit card, making them even more costly. But most importantly, I knew that if something happened to me, I didn’t want my kids to be burdened with that expense. I cannot praise your company enough. Getting rid of that timeshare has given me a longer life with my grandchildren. I don’t even have the words to say what a relief this has been.

Kathy Kee, Jonesboro, AR

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